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    Originally Posted by DarrenH
    Does Canada get artist CD's on the UK release date?

    Hi Darren,

    We do, but it's rare...and when I asked yesterday, the store said no :(
    So much for that...
    Lousy, good-for-nothing, Atlantic Ocean :mad:
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    Originally Posted by DarrenH
    Does Canada get artist CD's on the UK release date?

    Not that I've noticed. In fact, our release dates are often AFTER the US dates. And sometimes we don't get stuff released here at all and have to order from the US. :(
  • 03-06-2005, 09:01 AM
    Sometimes we do benefit from the "International Release Date"...which for some reason is different than the US release date. But yeah, usually it's the same or later.
    What's up with that?
  • 03-07-2005, 09:58 AM
    Yes I'm redundant, when required.

    Since kaboom lives in Spain, this is mostly for his benefit, as well as those that did not read the other thread.

    This information I copied straight from the PT webpage:

    The new Porcupine Tree album Deadwing is released on 28th March by Warner Music in Europe, and on 19th April by Lava in the US. Recorded between March-October, the album has been mixed in both stereo and 5.1 versions. Once again the 5.1 mix was done in collaboration with Grammy award winning producer Elliot Scheiner.

    There are guest appearances by Mikael Akerfeldt of Opeth, and Adrian Belew of King Crimson.

    The track listing of the album is:

    1. Deadwing (9.46)
    2. Shallow (4.17)
    3. Lazarus (4.18)
    4. Halo (4.38)
    5. Arriving Somewhere But Not Here (12.02)
    6. Mellotron Scratch (6.57)
    7. Open Car (3.46)
    8. The Start of Something Beautiful (7.39)
    9. Glass Arm Shattering (6.12)

    Despite being included on promotional copies, there may or may not be a hidden track on the final retail copies.

    deadwing.com is a microsite dedicated to the album, with audio, video and other media relating to the album and the film screenplay on which it is based.

    The European tour starts at the end of March, and a US tour will commence in mid May. Please keep an eye on the Porcupine Tree website for regular updates and additions to the band's concert schedule for 2005. Confirmed dates so far:

    03/31/2005 UK, Nottingham Rescue Rooms (special warm up show)
    04/01/2005 UK, Wolverhampton Wulfrun
    04/02/2005 UK, London Astoria
    04/03/2005 UK, Bristol Bierkeller
    04/05/2005 UK, Cambridge Junction
    04/06/2005 UK, Manchester MDH
    04/08/2005 UK, Glasgow Garage
    04/10/2005 HOLLAND, Amsterdam, Paradiso
    04/11/2005 HOLLAND, Tilburg 013
    04/12/2005 GERMANY, Cologne Burgerhaus Stollwerck
    04/13/2005 GERMANY, Berlin Columbia Club
    04/14/2005 POLAND, Bydgoszcz Philharmonic Hall
    04/15/2005 POLAND, Krakow Wisla Hall
    04/17/2005 GERMANY, Hamburg Markthalle
    04/18/2005 GERMANY, Bochum Matrix
    04/19/2005 GERMANY, Frankfurt Batschkapp
    04/20/2005 GERMANY, Karlsruhe Substage
    04/21/2005 GERMANY, Munich Elser Zusatzhalle
    04/22/2005 SWITZERLAND, Pratteln Z7
    04/24/2005 ITALY, Milan Transilvania
    04/25/2005 ITALY, Rome Qube
    04/27/2005 SPAIN, Barcelona Bikini
    04/28/2005 SPAIN, Madrid Aqualung
    04/30/2005 FRANCE, Paris Elysee Montmartre
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    Dusty Chalk
    On a completely unrelated note -- anyone heard of Riverside? They appear to be mentioned in the same breath as Porcupine Tree, Opeth, and others.

    People at prog archives gravitated towards rating it 4 or 5 stars (out of 5): link

    another review
  • 03-08-2005, 10:27 AM
    Sometimes as Imports

    Originally Posted by DarrenH
    Does Canada get artist CD's on the UK release date?

    HMV in Toronto often carries some of the more "popular" releases as imports pretty soon after their release, given thier British heritage.