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    Pat Metheny Group - One Way Up

    This is the new Metheny Group release. It's one piece of music that's 68 minutes and ten seconds long. It's broken up into four or five tracks. Metheny and Mays wanted to do something new, and I think they've succeeded without going radical on fans. Overall, the music is typical Metheny Group. It crosses from solo accoustic guitar to blistering electic guitar synthesizer solos. But like all Metheny Group albums, it's kind of like an adventure, like a soundtrack for travelling. There are hints of past Metheny Group tunes within the overall piece, at times reminging me most of As Witchita Falls, So Falls Witchita Falls, as well as others that I can't quite put my finger on. Cuong Vu once again plays trumpet on this, and at times he goes off in a Miles Davis way.

    Metheny is asking for patience on this one, indicating that it's all bound together and it will take the listener some time to put the pieces together.

    There's lots to hear in this CD, so it's going to take more time. If you're a fan, you won't be disappointed. It's a strong effort by a great writer, player and band leader.

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    I was holding that disc in my hand today, and opted instead for a couple of others. I really enjoyed One Quiet Night and his baritone guitar. Perhaps I'll go back tomorrow. Instead, I picked up:

    John Mayer - Any Given Thursday
    (live double LP). Can't say I'm a huge J.M. fan, but this one was recorded live right here in Birmingham a couple years ago, so I thought it might be worth owning.

    Nickel Creek - This Side.
    (bought their first album and enjoyed it, but never bought the followup. This one was produced by Alison Krauss, and apparently the group spreads their musical wings a little away from just bluegrass/newgrass.

    Alison Krauss - Forget About It (picked up on a whim)

    Charles Mingus - Pithecanthropus Erectus.


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