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    I love this neo prog bands music.

    They are right up there with IQ and all, in my book.

    Especially great is the bassist, Graeme Murray. He has vocal skills of a bird and plays his bass like very few. I would like to hear more of him as lead vocal.

    "The Sentinel" is a killer album. So is "Beat the Drum" and their latest "The Cross and the Crucible".

    I hope their new studio cd is great, I'm sure it will be. Their dvd is also superb.

    Check 'em out, my fellow proggers! Do not jump into conclusions based on 1 or 2 listens. Good things come to those with patience.


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    Dave, did you go to Nearfest? I thought Pallas put on a good show, but they clearly wanted to rock more than the audience wanted to! Alan Reed seems to be the Michael J. Fox of progrock because he never ages and he has to be at least 40 by now. He looked 19 on stage! Graeme's bass pedals sounded great from where I was sitting too. I love Cross and the Crucible but The Sentinel will always be my sentimental favorite.


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    Hey Dave,
    Barry lent me The Cross and the Crucible a while back. I gave it a spin...liked it...and then it got lost in a pile somewhere. Your post made me go, "oh yeah...where is that disk?"

    So, I dug it out of the pile (it took me a while to figure out which pile it was in ) and am giving it a spin right now. My neighbours are probably cursing me because I quickly discovered that this disk is best listened to with the volume turned up, but it is certainly killer. I'll have to pick up some more of this great band.

    Thanks for the reminder!

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