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    Hey! Over here!

    Pain Of Salvation question

    I really enjoy Remedy Lane, but so many people seem either love or hate them (hey, its prog). I do value your opinions, so if anyone here knows their POS, I'd appreciate a rec or two for my next POS purchase.

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    Well, I only own "Be", and I'd recommend AGAINST that. Waaaay too pretentious, even for me.

    Also, I don't even know that it could be considered a "rock" album. If you're looking for even one good driving guitar riff, sorry, you won't find it here.

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    I actually really liked Be, but yeah, I wouldn't recommend that as a good second step (it's only cheesy if you listen to lyrics, which I typically don't, and from what you said about prog vocals in the DT thread -- I suspect you have similar feelings). I would recommend One Hour by the Concrete Lake as a good next move. And I have a partiality to Entropia (or whatever it's called), because I got all three of those albums at once. Most people would recommend The Perfect Element Pt. I, though, I think.
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    POS? Now that's apt.

    Hehe, I gotta stay out of these kinda threads but it's just that you're making this so damn easy.
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