• 10-11-2004, 04:42 PM
    Finch Platte
    Pagan Jar... (and others of your ilk).
    Got a comp you might like.

    Turn. The music. Down!

    1) Fueled- Anthrax
    2) Scars- Papa Roach
    3) The Panic- Strata
    4) Securitron- Fear Factory
    5) Nymphetamine- Cradle Of Filth
    6) Crush 'Em- Megadeth
    7) The Fool- He Is Legend
    8) Exhibit Of The Year- Down To Earth Approach
    9) Awake- The Clay People
    10) Freedom Fighters- The Music
    11) Anywhere But Here- Rise Against
    12) Remain Calm- One Minute Silence
    13) Lovesick- Swift
    14) Laid To Rest- Lamb Of God
    15) Nobody- Skindred
    16) What You Say- Drop
    17) Bled For Days- Static X
    18) 99- The Haunted
    19) What Drives The Weak- Shadows Fall

    This ain't for the weak, but it's no Death Metal stuff, neither.

    Let me know if you're interesting. (Later copies replace track 6 w/ Killing Joke's Seeing Red- lemme know which you want, if either).


    P.S. The new Shadows Fall rawks!