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    OT: Unbelievable picture from Mars!!!

    While it's certainly amazing that they were able to land that contraption on Mars and take pictures of the planet's surface, I was absolutely stunned when I saw this picture that they just took. I'm sure you will be too!

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    You dork.

    My co-worker, who is a little older than I, didn't even know who that was. Jeez.

    Thanks for the laff


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    Wow! That's amazing!

    Not that it's quite as newsworthy, but I just saw the first picture of the Mesa Rover (shown below) which was taken Friday while it was roaming the desolate desert landscape in an area known as Tortilla Flat. Note the strange alien pilot with the large, dark cat eyes and silver feathery tufts growing from what appears to be its head. Scary. Kind of a retro alien look on the rover, eh?

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