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    OT: Saddam Hussein Captured!

    My wife woke me up early this morning to tell me the great news - Saddam Hussein has been captured alive in Iraq. Fox News had footage of him. He's been living in a hole under a farm house.

    I have a nephew who is leaving on his 3rd tour of duty over there, and a niece who is awaiting deployment plans. Here's a toast to all service men & women, past & present - may we never forget your service to our country.


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    What fantastic news! Bin Laden is next!

    It's about time they caught that murdering thug. I hope his capture will help stop the terrorist attacks on our troops over there, but who the hell knows.

    Thanks for the info, JD. I just turned on the TV to Fox News to see what's happening at this point.

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    Arrow I'm glad they nabbed the bastard.

    I for one am glad Saddam is in our hands. But I won't start cheering until we can get our men the hell out of that country (once it is a stable democracy, of course).
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    I rejoice! May he get what he deserves (alright, well, that would be considered cruel and unusual punishment).

    Congrats especially to the men and women over there. If I understood Bush correctly, finding his footprints contributed to his capture. OMG! Finding footprints in a country as big as Iraq is quite a feat! (ahem) Pun not intended but acknowledged.

    I usually hate holiday tunes, but today they sound particularly happy. I feel like those people in the Dunkin Donuts commercial.

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    Some douchebag lawer will get him off, I bet.

    They should have killed the slob right then and there.

    They need to get Osama next, I think he's more of a threat.


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    Saddam Hussein

    This was the best Christmas gift that I could have ever wished husband's getting off pretty easy this year. :-). My boy will be deployed there on June 15th, if not before (they have told them to be prepared to go on a moment's notice). Let's pray that by that time, we'll simply be assisting in the instillation of a democratic society for the Iraqi people.

    I'm gonna hug him tightly when I see him on Saturday. And, it truly is the best gift that I could have ever received this Christmas.


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