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    OT -- CD Changer Question

    Bought my SUV in the "premium" sound system, which included a 12-disc changer. This changer (AKAI) has been excellent and flawless for 6 years......but lately, almost any bump in the road will cause it to skip. During the first 6 years, I could hit railroad tracks at good speed and it still would not skip.

    The this something that can be repaired/serviced or is it just the aging process of a common changer ???

    P.S. All mounting brackets, bolts, screws, etc. have been checked.

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    It could be either dirt/grime/dust/whatever on the lens -- a simple cleaning could be the cure. Try that before step 2. Discwasher, for example, has a little CD with a brush glued on it that you can get. The car environment is not conducive to a sterile environment.

    Step 2 would be to take it in somewhere to have the head re-alligned. It's a standard enough adjustment, but it needs to be done by a trained professional, it's not something you can do yourself. Unfortunately it's the same place that will try to sell you a new one, but just resist -- at least until you get an estimate.
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    If it's anything like California...

    ....the roads are just getting more torn up.

    Don't blame your CD player- get new shocks and call me in the morning.


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