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Thread: Opinions wanted

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    Opinions wanted

    I don't get to very many concerts for a host of reasons, one not being desire. Tool tickets went on sale last weekend. This is a band I really wanted to see and planned to make it happen. The best tickets were $52.50, which wasn't bad compared to some concerts that have recently come to the indoor venue, but there was also a $8.00 convenience fee and a $2.50 building fee. What's the deal? I get online Saturday, true, I made a mistake by waiting a week, and the concert was mostly sold out. The search brings up 2 tickets for the floor, I was excited, then I get timed out and lose them. I never used the internet for tickets before and didn't know what to expect, how can I get through all that crap in 2 minutes? So after work I go to the box office hoping an eye to eye might some how magically yield me a ticket. What a waste, they have grandma onefootinthegrave who says the concert is all sold out. In less than 48 hours they sold all the rafter tickets. I wondered about her response because she said that right off the top.

    I was willing to pay the price for a floor or next level but not for a rafter or side view, would you? The worse seats were $32.50.

    What do you all think of ticket prices and more over, the extra fees?

    Have I been out of the loop too long and just having acclamation pains?

    It would have to be a band I really like to get me to pay the money and go to the hassle, and if I'm paying that kind of money I want to be able to see something.

    I can see why the cheaper priced outdoor concerts are so popular.

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    This happens all the time with me. I get greedy and try to look for better seats. I ended up with no tickets... I've seen them 3 times. GA would be the way to go, just be prepared to get knocked another a bit, but Im not sure if they are still like that. If they are playing indoors, then I'll say get a ticket on the street. It'll be worth paying up to $80 in my opinion.

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    I've seen Tool 2.1 times. Once in 1993 for the Undertow tour and again in 2002 for Lateralus, and .1 for Maynard G. Krebs appearance on the 1993(?) Rage Against the Machine tour..

    In all fairness I still have not gotten 10,000 Days, so I'm unfamiliar with that album. However, IMNSHO Tool is a band that has improved greatly with age and experience and is a good band to just go and listen too. The Undertow show kinda sucked and I left the show early to go to a house party instead. For Lateralus, I paid a premium price for good tickets in an arena. However, I actually moved to the back of the arena about halfway through the show just to listen. The "good" seats were too loud and too stage left. I could get center at the back of the areana and not be overwhelmed by volume.

    Now is it worth it? That depends. How much do you like Tool? While I liked the Lateralus show, I would not pay to see them again.
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    I've never understood the appeal of rock music in venues that hold more than 1,000 people or thereabouts. I understand why it exists, but it't not something I'm willing to spend money on, outside of a very small number of exceptions.

    For the most part I just don't enjoy concerts in places where you're assigned a seat, and too many shows I've been to, everyone just stands on their seats anyway. Then there's Ticketmaster. And Clear Channel controls too many venues.

    Fortunately there just haven't been too many acts I've been interested in seeing in recent times. But if there's something I really want to see, it's probably going to be expensive no matter what you do, so I'd rather just go to Stubhub & avoid Ticketmaster's headaches & hassles.

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    Do yourself a favor and go see Tool. They are an amazing live band, you will not be disappointed.

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