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    Hey! Over here!

    Okay, now I'd like opinions on Glass Hammer

    I read where these guys are from Tennessee? well...

    Another band that some either love or hate.

    NP: Pallas- The Cross & The Crucible (I think I like it, but it ain't what I thought it'd be)

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    T.L.B. -

    Let the Pallas soak in. Give it at least 7 listens before you form an opinion. It takes a few sessions to really hit ya.

    Glass Hammer. Yes, they are from Tenessee. I have 3 of their recordings. Their sound/style is a little different, kind of a weird mix of Rush, Yes, Genesis, Marillion, IQ, Spocks Beard, et al.

    Pretty good music, hard to describe, but definitely prog.


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    I have 3 Glass Hammer recordings. "Journey of the Dunadan", their debut, is a pretty good CD but it's kind of ruined by the gimmicky Hobbit thing in the lyrics.

    "On to Evermore" is reminds me a little of Yes' "Going for the One" but not nearly as good. The vocals are really annoying.

    "Lex Rex" from a couple of years ago is by far the best one I have by them. Great production, great keyboards. I saw them perform this at Nearfest last year and they were very good and the female singers provided some nice eye candy. The vocals are still a little distracting, but definitely better, especially the female vocals. I'm told that their latest CD-can't think of the title-is their best ever.

    Imo, Glass Hammer are very much a case of your mileage may vary kind of band.

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    They're firmly in the neo-prog realm. Think a combo of Yes, Genesis, and Kansas. Not my thing really.

    I've heard them described before as "Christian prog" due to the use of religious imagery and concepts. Sort of like Neal Morse but a bit less heavy-handed.
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