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    OK, I realize I am a cheesie music lover (Amos Lee Fans)...

    but just curious if anyone else here is a fan of Amos Lee's first effort. Besides being well recorded, the lyrics are nice, and I especially like #8. I'll let you figure out which song that is.


    I keep on living
    to keep from crying
    I keep on dreaming
    to keep from dying
    I keep on trying
    I ain't gonna stop
    Get right down to the bottom of the barrel
    and flow back on top...

    We all know someone
    Who's always hurting...
    "And the three gifts of moving on are forgiveness, hope, and the great beyond, After that perhaps peace can come, Peace will come." -- Mary Chapin Carpenter (2007)

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    Amos Lee

    Hey I like Amos, I picked up his first album after hearing a snippet on ER and managed to track down who he was on a message board, ain't the internet great!

    Anyway I like the album and play it now and then, although the album overall is a little one paced for me sometimes you can't deny he has a great soulful voice. Not heard his latest yet but I imagine it follows the same pattern.

    Here's a few more on a similar vein you might like:-

    Scott Matthews - Passing Stranger
    Shane Nicholson - It's a Movie (recommended by someone on this board)
    Alexi Murdoch - Time Without Consequence
    Josh Rouse - too many to mention just about anything by him is great


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