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    OFF TOPIC - Road trip

    I went to Albuerqueque or however you spell it this week.

    It was nice and hot as a firecracker. The UV rays will cook ya if the heat doesnt. It's barren as all heck too, but the people are nice and real laid back.

    I ate and drank a lot and went sight seeing and went to Santa Fe and saw "the oldest house in the country" and "the oldest church in the country".

    After a few brews I decided to turn on my stand up comic self and started rattling off ridiculous "oldest places" like the "oldest parking lot in the country" etc...some were not amused but I was!

    I went to the Borders there and they had 1 of the 2 new Kansas remasters but I didn't have the dough to get them but I will get them this weekend.

    Plus, sitting in a little plane in Dallas for 2.5 hours on the tarmac while it stormed like all heck isn't much fun either.

    Peace, Love, Dove.


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    I lived in ABQ for a short time in the early 90s.

    Killer sunsets, but no work. It's really just an extension of West Texas. Very redneck. Even more than where Finch lives.

    Santa Fe has some great restaurants. There was a place called the Shed. Just awesome Mexican food.

    When you comin to SF? I still owe you a beer.

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    been there done that?

    Hey Dave, I was at that oldest church I think ... it's in Santa Fe and the Pastor has one arm right? I was in Santa Fe in 95 or so, rented a mountain bike and pedaled all over the place, ended up at that oldest church place for a rest.
    Scrumptious food there and the architecture, canyons and sunsets aint too shabby either.
    Eight daze till Nearfester!

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