I know this is not music related, but with alot of folks upgrading and getting new computers I thought it may be helpful.

If you heave ever gotten a new PC and loved how your old hard drive was set up, or you want to use a caddy rack to use several hard drives, here is the ticket. Usually you get a new PC and have to start all over loading all your favorite apps and downloading updates. It takes hours and, well sucks. One of my teachers put together a few instructions and a file to merge with your registry. Win 95 and 98 will just run through and set up all the hardware if you swap PCs. Windows 2000 Pro & XP will just give you the Blue Screen Of Death. By doing this you have all your old stuff intact and bootable and you can configure the new or second hard drive as a slave. I have done this with 3 dual boot hard drives and had no trouble. Systems were mixed AMD and Intel and there was no problem with that either. If you choose to use a caddy system, you use 2 different Hardware Profiles and the same OS will boot in whatever machine it's in.

If anyone wants to do this but didn't know how, or if you plan to try it, let me know and I will hook you up with the files and instructions.