I see a lot of stuff being offered online in hi-res formats and have software to burn DVD-Audio discs to play in hi-res on my stereo. Much of what I have thus far checked out sounds great. Mostly though I seem to come across reissues of lots of old standbys and such. Don't get me wrong, I've been happy to check out hi-res versions of some old favorites, but I see much less newly released music in hi-res.

I do have the latest My Bloody Valentine: MBV in hi-res and it sounds fantastic, as does the new Autechere: Exai similarly available. Only other new thing I have in similar format is a really lovely modern piano piece by Nils Frahm called Screws available free in several formats at his web site:


So, just wondering if any of the rest of you have happened across any other new music coming out in hi-res formats.