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    NEW MODEL ARMY - Great Expectations: The Singles Collection

    New Model Army, now there's a band name I know well but don't recall even ever hearing a song from them, although I know I must've. Has anyone included these guys on any of the comps I have? Anyone have this recent singles collection? It sure looks tempting. What about other album recommendations? I could probably just pick up a couple used CDs for the price of the new singles collection. the cover for the rest of the story.

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    I love New Model Army, but no, I've never put them on a comp. I was going to remedy that on the upcoming Pretty Much, but that's a long way off, as are most of my comps. Besides, it was a ballad, and that does not represent them very well. This greatest hits collection does represent them very well.

    Yes, if you can, get this, but you can hardly go wrong picking up a used copy of Thunder and Consolation, or even the relatively short by today's standards The Love of Hopeless Causes.

    Great protest music! I have everything they've done, including the recent Eight and Justin Sullivan's solo album, and there's not a clunker in the bunch.

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    Hi Davey,

    I have "The Love of Hopeless Causes" CD and my original impression from years back was it was weak and it's been lying in that bottom CD drawer next to a Blind Melon disk. Maybe I'll give it another whirl - I see the review you linked to it compared the singer to Billy Bragg - no way - no how. While Bragg may be an aquired taste - I find his music to be well written, thoughful and moving. Even his earlier work still sounds fresh to me. I don't think comparing New Model Army to Billy Bragg is fair to anyone.

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