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    The new Johnny Marr album

    Anyone have it? I've only heard a couple of cuts, but I'm liking what I'm hearing so far. The Messenger: Johnny Marr: Music

    Just curious.
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    Have not heard it, but there are several articles out there recently on the guy, if you care. Magnet's got a good interview, and Mojo has a real in-depth article, plus a disc comes with the mag of some of the more obscure stuff that Marr's played on, influences, etc... Marr and Friends - Track Listing | Mojo Cover CDs - The Definitive List

    I've got it, if anyone needs to hear it.

    Edit: The March issue is interesting, the free disc pertains to psychedelia. Echoes - Track Listing | Mojo Cover CDs - The Definitive List

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    I love the stuff Johnny Marr did with Neil Finn on Seven Worlds Collide. If you are a Johnny Marr fan and you haven't checked this out on DVD, its a great live show.

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