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    Musical Composition

    The thread that is currently popular here....."Best Drug Music" was a great read.

    It is inspirational in that I have been looking into writing my next tune and that theme seems like such a hit -- the last few songs I've worked on in the studio have not been mine and I must say they have been less than energizing. For instance, the most recent was a traditional C&W was an easy gig and not such a bad song, just not my thing.

    So thanks to all of you that posted on that thread and brought back some good memories along with some good ideas for guidance.

    P.S. I guess this is where I should drop the idea of doing a metal, hip-hop version of "Daddy, Don't You Walk So Fast".

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    This song of mine:

    Is pretty dang druggy.

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    It's been months since I recorded a new song. I keep saying I need to go down in my basement and work on something, but lately all I've been doing is practicing. I started a new song last month but only got like 1/4 through it.

    All of my stuff is really spacey and far out there. Someone once told me I should submit it for a video game soundtrack. I still may someday.

    Maybe this post will help me get off my arse and record again.

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    Yeah, write us a good psychedelic piece MC. And name it after us somehow.

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    Who wants some lyrics?

    I'm down in the barrio
    Feeling sick and sorry-o
    Drinking cervezas till I can't feel my head

    Eating pico de gallo
    On Cinco de Mayo
    ...and como se llama usted?

    My sweet senorita
    Still got time on her meter
    And she's down to my last buck

    I say "no tengo pesos"
    She say "goodness gracious"
    I guess I don't give a f***

    Go ahead. They're not copyrighted or anything...
    Mr. MidFi
    Master of the Obvious

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    You've Been Possessed by...

    Quote Originally Posted by Troy
    This song of mine:

    Is pretty dang druggy.
    Laurie Anderson!! Please, see an exercist at your earliest convenience, you necrophiliac, you.

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