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    Music I can't Find!!!!

    I am a huge movie fanatic as well as's usually quite easy to find sountracks or songs from movies, but I am having a super hard time finding a few pieces and thought I would mention it here in case someone knows where I might find it. I am looking preferrably in download or CD form.

    The first piece is the opening theme music to L'AVVENTURA (1960), which is by Giovanni Fusco.

    The second is from Jean Luc-Godard's IN PRAISE OF LOVE (2002). The songs are called "Epigraph" and "L'atalante".

    Any help would be awesome!!!

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    I hope you've got some money to spend

    Google is your friend, although it could also be your wallet's worst enemy.
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    Great link. Thanks Slosh.
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    For the Italian film score piece you might check the Easy Tempo and Beat at Cinecitta series. Both of these series highlight interesting pieces from 60s & 70s Italian film scores. I have 3 of the Easy Tempo series (2 on vinyl and 1 on cd) that I really like - vols. 1& 4 and the entire soundtrack to Radley Metzger's Camille 2000. Haven't gotten around to getting anything from the Beat at Cinecitta series yet.

    Most of these can be found at Amazon.

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