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    Metheny Group - The Way Up Live

    Just unpackaged and watched The Way Up Live DVD which I received for Christmas.

    All I can say is: stunning!

    The music is majestic, the band is kick-ass, and the sound is brilliant! And the video shows you what you want to see: the musicians playing their instruments. The editing is excellent, and follows the music appropriately, adding to the excitement.

    If you aren't familiar with Pat Metheny's jazz, forget the CDs, and pick this up. This piece of music is already, and will be for eternity, a jazz classic right up there with the likes of Coltrane's A Love Supreme and Mile's Out Of The Blue.

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    All that has been said is true. I recommended this one recently on another thread for "reference dvds" and I stand by that. What a great piece of work.

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