We headed to Sellersville in Bucks County last night to see this show. The Sellersville Theater is an intimate venue that seats about 300 people, and it has very good acoustics. We were in row M, just a little past half-way from the stage.

The show was opened by a 5 man band from Atlanta named the Shadow Boxers. They had nice vocals and knew how to play, but the songs were a bit boring if you ask me. Not bad but certainly no better than average.

The place was sold out and everyone was there to see Matthew and his band playing the entirety of his stellar record 'Girlfriend' in honor of its 20th anniversary. I still chuckle when I think of us driving around with out kids sitting in the back seat while playing this CD and singing along to it. Yes, our kids really liked it too and knew the lyrics almost as well as we did. Good times.

Matthew borrowed the bassist and drummer from The Velvet Crush and had one hot-shot lead guitarist with him.They tore into Girlfriend, playing the songs in the exact order of the record. I'm not going to go thru each track, but the highlights were certainly the opening track 'Divine Intervention', Girlfriend', and 'Looking at the Sun', although I enjoy this record from start to finish.

One cool fact we learned from Matthew was that he intended to name the record 'Nothing Lasts', which is also the title of the last track on the record. However, the woman whose photograph is on the cover, Tuesday Weld, would not let him use her picture if that was the name to be used, so it became 'Girlfriend'. The photo was an older one of her, so it could have been taken the wrong way I suppose.

There was a three song encore after Girlfriend that included 'Sick of Myself' from the 100% Fun, 'Someone to Pull the Trigger' from Altered Beast, and finally one from his new record 'Modern Art' that I can't remember since I've never heard any of it.

The band did a great job at staying true to 'Girlfriend'. Matthew was in fine voice, but quite larger than when I last saw him on Austin City Limits. We had a great time and would highly recommend seeing him if you have a chance. I think he's headed out West at this point.