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    Looking for Dave Navarro's 'Trust No One' or some Ten Hands.

    Well, Chris finally gave me the key to the secret kingdom...

    Does anyone have any discs by the above-mentioned? C'mon, check the vaults for me.


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    I have Trust No One...

    ...and I like it but then I like Deconstruction as well so me liking it doesn't mean much to most people

    Why? Wanna do a trade?

    Rae's metal post last week made me remember some of my forgotten albums. Stuff I got in like 6th-7th grade but never got around to buying on CD. Got any of these CDs?

    Accept - Restless & Wild (1983)
    Iron Maiden - Piece Of Mind (1983)
    Judas Priest - Unleashed In The East (1979)
    Sin After Sin (1977)
    Stained Class (1978)

    hmmm, guess that's enough

    And hey, I did buy all of these albums, back when $10 seemed like a lot of money to me. The RIAA can eat ass!

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