I spent Saturday and Sunday in Grant Park in Chicago with my brother from NC, his new girlfriend (from Nashville), and my nephew...and I saw some great live rock 'n roll.

We saw a nice mix of bands, fairly diverse but all very good. In order:
  • Cold War Kids (excellent set...I must find out more)
  • Snow Patrol (better than expected)
  • Patti Smith (I was too far away to be into it, but sounded good)
  • Interpol (very, very good)
  • Amy Winehouse (everyone was having fun except for her)
  • The Stooges (WOW...these guys still rock massively)
  • Yo La Tengo / !!! (split my time between them, on my way elsewhere)
  • My Morning Jacket (outstanding set featuring the Chicago Youth Symphony)

I took off before the Pearl Jam closing set...just too weary and not that big a fan.

Wish I had seen Spoon, but the logistics were not favorable (hard to explain unless you've been to one of these mammoth multi-stage festivals...but sacrifices must be made for the sake of comfort and expediency).

Best moment: Iggy inviting a huge crowd of fans onto the stage for the song "No Fun". There had to be at least 300 people up there...and the Stooges didn't miss a note. It was one of the greatest rock moments I've ever witnessed.