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    Live Aid DVD: No Led Zep

    All right, who watched this? I sat through a lot of it & thought it was mostly awful. I especially remember a few acts that stood out as being particularly bad--The Cars, Tom Petty, Madonna...and Dylan's closing with Keith Richards & Ron Wood who didn't seem to have any idea what the old man was doing. Hey, don't tell me he was only 40-something. He was the oldest 40-something I've ever seen.

    At the time, as now, I try to understand the philosophy of stacking the bill with the biggest acts in the world, yet wonder why they couldn't have snuck just a few lesser-known artists on there that would've provided, perhaps, just a bit more punch. There were a few acts on the UK side whose sets I didn't see that I'm mildly curious to check out--the Style Council, Bryan Ferry, Ultravox, etc. I have about as much interest in sitting through sets by Bryan Adams, Patti Labelle, and REO Speedwagon as I do in hearing Britney Spears debate politics with Jessica Simpson...hold on a second, that doesn't sound all that bad, actually...

    I've heard people rave about the UK sets by Queen & David Bowie...and overall there's plenty of interest on here. Amongst my favorite bands of the 80s? Not one presence, not even friggin' close. The one concession on the US side to a relatively unknown, up-and-coming band was the Hooters. I don't see them listed on the DVD. Now, this isn't something I'd pay for, but I would rent it, not that I'm likely to have a chance since it is of course for charity. But I don't think I know one person who's interested in watching this enough to actually spend the money on it.

    Why Led Zeppelin would refuse to allow their footage to be included is beyond me. I remember Jimmy Page, inebriated to the point where he couldn't speak...but if Dylan was willing to allow a piece of his set to be included, then where the hell do they get off? I mean, it's for charity & all. Classless move, I say. Anyone surprised?

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    I've got this on tape(s)

    I've not played it in years i have 4 vhs tapes ABC i think and 3 beta tapes MTV. I got up early and watched till it went off.

    The London part I think is easily the better show.

    Sade played and was very good, but the stars of the whole event no question were Queen and whatever you may think they were magic that day.

    My sister went to the Wembley show(*****). Only thing I've ever been jealous of my sister.


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    Live Aid

    Ah yes Live-Aid 85, I remember I was moving house that day so had to watch most of it over a pile of boxes but the TV was the first thing to be installed. During the day I drifted in and out and saw quite a bit. Maybe it was because it was the daytime and gigs to me are always best at night probably totally different if you were there but most of it left me pretty cold.

    But then Geldoff grabbed a mike and made history on live TV ‘we need more money, give us your f***ing money now’ or something like that anyway after that it seemed to come alive. Dire Straits and Bowie both did really good sets particularly Bowie, but it was Queen who stole the show by a mile. If ever an artist was made for the big stage it was Freddie. When they came on it was like they turned up the amps another notch or two and just blasted everybody before them off the stage. They were outstanding, spine tingling at times a definite high point.

    Low points well there was a few, Phil Collins flying across the Atlantic for his two gig show, considering this was a show for 3rd world relief and poverty it was a pretty pointless exercise in western excess. I suppose he was one of the biggest names at the time but still hardly worth it.

    Dylan and his rambling left me singularly un-impressed and I don’t recall being too impressed with Led Zep at the time either although I did stay up and watch them. Simple Minds were another band who showed obvious shortcomings on the big stage.


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    A memory

    Bowie and Jagger - Dancing in the Streets Sucked


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    Actually, the members of Led Zep contributed directly, in lieu of allowing their performance. So (theoretically, at least), they're still a class act.
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