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    Keeping track

    Since making a commitment last summer to put together a decent 2.1 channel audio system on a budget, I have overlooked the real problem - it is way too easy to accumulate a lot of music as it can be done in small bites. Since the summer, I have managed to buy over 140 recordings. This may not be a lot to others, but it is time to at least get organized, as I have come close to buying the same thing twice.

    I think my tastes are varied ( some might disagree). Recent purchases include about 25 jazz titles and 25 classical. The rest are a mix of classic rock, blues, etc. Prior to this spending spree, I owned about 250-300 titles.

    In order to make sure I enjoy this collection and do not overlook some gems that I have forgotten about, I thought I would put together a catalogue. I can do this in excel, but the intent is to have a hard copy at hand.

    My question is about categories: Classical is easy, but there are many artists that can fall into more than one category either by their style or by the tenor of a particular recording. A case in point - Mark Knopfler / Chet Atkins: Neck and Neck or Joni Mitchell: Hejira.

    Then there are those that are a bit nebulous. How do you categorize Dylan, Steely Dan, Bonnie Raitt, Norah Jones?

    I can certainly simply organize by Artist / Album title and forget assigning a style. But it would be nice when you are in the mood for listening to the blues to look at the albums that fall into this category.

    I do not think I am being OCD. I just know that my aging brain is prone to forget I have some great music but will easily overlook it. Does anyone know a good guide online to help me organize?

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    I don't know of anything like that. Maybe make note of what genre the seller has it in when buying. What I'd do is make your main categories, then have one called "miscellaneous" for those you don't think fits any other category I have my LP's alphabetized. If it wasn't so much work I should create a list for myself.

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