If you like Joni Mitchell (and even if you don't) you should pick up the documentary DVD titled Woman of Heart and Mind. It is an outstanding celebration of Joni Mitchell's work and her life and courage as a true artistic genius of the latter 20th Century (poet, painter, musician, guitar styling innovator0.

It is from start to end a portrait of an artist and her struggles from her rise to fame to her reunion with the daughter she put up for adoption in 1969. There's lots of concert footage through out her career and interviews with fellow musicians along her journey, including Graham Nash, Crosby, James Taylor, Herbie Hancock, David Geffen, and others. She is revered by everybody throughout the film, but I found it to be very inspiring to see what this young waiff was able to achieve by marching to her own drum and pursuing her own dreams, uncompromisingly so, throughout her long career.

I only have two portraits of people I admire in my house. One of them is an autographed print of a Joni Mitchell self-portrait which I bought at a concert about six years ago. Now I know more fully why I wanted a print of Joni Mitchell hanging on my wall. My admiration for her runs much deeper than just an admiration of her music.

It is her courageious individualism and creative spirit that I admire. If you're looking for some of that to inspire your own creativity, this video may be just the thing.