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    John Wetton and School of Rock on the radio this morning

    John Wetton was in the WYSP studios this morning with 5 kids from the School of Rock playing Asia tunes. This is in promotion of their two gig stop in Philly area, one in Downingtown at SOR main location and World Cafe in Philly this week.

    Wetton talked about his alcohol problem in the 80s and getting kicked out of Asia and replaced by Greg Lake. He also had open heart surgery 2 years ago.

    They played a few songs which sounded pretty good but for Wetton's failing vocal range.

    I thought this was interesting since we just talked about UK and Asia last week. Here is John's Wikipedia page.

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    Rutt Row - I've got tickets for Wetton and the School next Sunday in Philly. Was thinking he's warming up the vocal cords for the upcoming Asia tour. Hoping he'll do some Crimson songs and his voice comes around. I saw the Asia Phoenix tour last spring and his voice was in fine shape, wonder if it went to hell over the winter.

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    news to me

    This is the first time I've heard of an alcohol problem or the heart problems.........sounds like he may now be doing better.

    Damn...............all my musicians are getting old like me !

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