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Thread: iTunes Anyone?

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    iTunes Anyone?

    I posted sometime back about purchasing a new Mac PowerBook G4 notebook, and have finally had a little more time to devote to the Mac capabilities. I tell ya this thing allowed me to easily download some pix, bring in background music, and create a DVD that I played at my company's last division meeting. My colleagues were visibly moved, wanted to know how I did it, and it was easy as pie. I made a master copy, then gave all my colleagues a DVD copy for keeps. It was a big hit. Okay so much for my slobbering on about Apple.

    My new love is iTunes. Yes, I know it is compressed music but the sound isn't that bad on an iPod, and I've been super impressed with their catalog...even indie/alternative selections.

    Any other iTune fans here? Or non-fans?


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    I definitely dig iTunes Music Store. The interface is excellent; selection is generally good (and growing all the time); sound quality is perfectly fine for all but my most discriminating private listening sessions. (I do often run my iPod through my stereo and it sounds just fine; but when I'm really paying attention to the music I certainly put on the cd if I have it.) I use it for second string new album purchases, or purchasing old albums that I'm nostalgic for but don't currently have on cd (and that don't fall in that top tier of albums I feel the need to have in physical form).

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    How do you hook up the iPod to your stereo? Please remember that I am a novice in the installation department so I may need some telephone support to do so. :-)

    My best to Sheree!

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