I finally got my copy of Beto Vasquez Infinity. Where to start, well this isn't Nightwish or Edenbridge but with this much vocal talent it couldn't be all bad. Actually, I like the album pretty well. I was just expecting something different than what it is. The album is supposed to be Metal but it has a gloss to it. The keyboards, and some other nuances of the album really reminded me of that band Europe. This is my first time hearing Sabine Edelsbarger and her vocals are right in there with Tarja. Toward the first of the album they both do songs where their vocals are more operatic but toward the end Sabine does a song with some sweet vocals. The part of the album with Candice is interesting, it's a suite of about 5 separate songs or parts, a couple instrumental. If you've heard Blackmore Night, Candice's section of the album has that flavor but holding to the form of the album itself. One song has a sax solo where normally a lead solo might go but it works. Only a couple songs have soring lead guitar and no distortion

Strong points of this album are great vocals and some decent melodies. The music is alright and has some decent arrangements but it's like it's just there to support the vocals. If you hear it you will get what I mean.

I found mine used on Amazon. I think it must be out of print already, no new ones offered. No other searches turned up anything for Beto, know anything about him? He produced the album and plays bass.

I've got an Epica and Tristania album coming, maybe that will have more kick.