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    I'm seeing The Shins tonight!

    I'm so excited! I love this band. Thanks to Swish for pointing out that they were coming to town. There has been virually no promotion of this show and I probably would have missed it if not for Swishy.

    The Brunette is opening for them. Never heard of them, but found them on the net and they aren't half bad. I'm not running out to by their CD, but seems like a decent match-up for The Shins. You can check them out here, if you're interested.

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    A fantastic show! And The Shins are way more popular than I thought! I expected a few hundred people at this show. Well, if the venue wasn't sold out, it was pretty darn close. My estimate is that at least 3,000 people showed up. Even the band kept commenting on how many people were there. They were, clearly, just as suprised as I was.

    And of those 3,000 people, it looked like Hubby and I were the oldest! It was a very young, college crowd. They must be getting some good exposure on college radio, because I saw very little promotion for this show, otherwise.

    The Shins played for just under 90 minutes. Lots of stuff from their two CDs and a few songs that I hadn't heard before. With the exception of one song, they didn't say whether they were playing older material or new stuff. But they did say that they were working on a new CD. They were full of energy, and put on a very entertaining show. Hubby wasn't a big fan of theirs and was dragged to the show because I needed someone to go with. Afterwards, he said that he thought that they sounded much better live than on CD and he really enjoyed it.

    This is a show worth seeing if you're a fan of the band.

    Oh, and the opener, The Brunettes...not the same band as the link above. This was a seven piece (3 girls, 4 guys) band from New Zealand. Not bad, but they didn't make me want to buy their CD. Lots of different instruments being used, including sax, clarinet and trumpet. The "drummer" was really just more of a percussionist (no drum kit). It was kind of like they all met in high school band class and decided to branch out from there. Not that that's a bad thing, it just wasn't really my thing. They did have a pretty large number of fans in the audience though.

    Overall, a great night!

    P.S. to can hate me now.

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    Ok, I officially hate you.

    Quote Originally Posted by ForeverAutumn
    Overall, a great night!

    P.S. to can hate me now.
    3000 people? That is a surprise if you ask me, but I guess you never know. I'd be surprised if the Philly isn't sold out as I think they probably have plenty of fans in a major metro area like Philly.

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