Today, I ventured into the local (and very large) Fry's Electronics store for the first time and stumbled into their SACD/DVD Audio section. After picking up ELP's Brain Salad Surgery on DVD Audio and John Coltrane's A Love Supreme on SACD, I turned to go. But then, some titles on the other side of the aisle caught my eye. Here someone had placed a bunch of DTS Entertainment disks in a section all by themselves. And what to my wandering eye should appear but a copy of Toy Matinee on DVD Audio.

Now, from what I've gathered, this is a very good recording of excellent music that is hard to find in this particular configuration. Should I count myself lucky?


PS: I definitely got lucky in the DVD video section. Here I found a copy of Deep Space Nine/Season Three for $58.99. That price can't have been right.