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    I think I got a favorite new local band...


    Saw 'em Friday night with a head full of something illicit, but I think I would have liked them just the same. I'm sick and tired of bands who stand there alls erious like when they play. THE SUPERMEN put on a damn show. Wrestling masks, a giant rooster costume, a bass player painted red with a g-string, topless go-go dancers, free cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon thrown into the that's my idea of entertainment. Throw in the Halloween spectacle of the crowd slam-dancing in costume, and it made for quite a treat.

    Anyway...just a fun musical night I thought I'd mention. If anyone sees these guys touring near ya, its worth it if you like to get a bit rowdy and have a warped sense of humor. And, yes they can actually play on top of the theatrics. Just pretty straight ahead hugh energy punk tinged rock and roll, with lyrics that may be a bit on the raw side for soungs like American Bukkake Girls and Smells Like Teen Pussy

    Here's a link to their web site if you're interested...

    and, here's alink to a video with somoe live footage of when they were getting started...

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    Back in the day when I could go see the local acts, my favorites were the Vomit Spots, Rigid Kittens and the Hormones. My favorite local hangout for live music was the Vincent Van Go-Go in Mobile, AL in the early 90s. Not only did they feature some of the most outrageous local acts, but they would get great touring acts like Clarence Gatemouth Brown, Follow for Now, Southern Culture on the Skids, Hillbilly Frankenstein, and Clockhammer.

    Below is a link to the Vomit Spots' website. The guitar player would paint himself green, the singer would spike his hair about 2ft, they often had girls in cages on either side of the stage. Their style was funk rock kinda like the Chili Peppers' Mother's Milk album which made for a no-holds-barred fun time.

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