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    I feel the earth move...under my feet!

    Yeah, the east coast earthquake was a very strange sensation indeed! I was in my basement office and heard all kinds of noises as though a large animal was stomping around on the first floor. I went upstairs to see what the heck was going on, but the noise stopped and that was that. I found out minutes later that we had a minor earthquake.

    My insurance agent recommended I add coverage for that years ago since there was a small one felt in a nearby community. It was about $5 extra per year so I took it, and now I'm hoping I never have to use it. Dang.
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    Oh great. Now Swish is going to see that I drink Starbucks.

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    And here I was sitting on the west coast along the largest US fault lines in Seattle and missed the whole thing. Thankfully I got into Philly at midnight last nigh, just in time to enjoy the H-cane. Pretty crazy having both in one week here in the east.

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