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    I can die now, I've absoluely seen EVERYTHING

    Billy Stewart was a mid major RnB singer from the early to mid 60's best known for love songs like "I do Love You", "Sittin in the Park" etc.. His biggest hit was a Scat RnB Version of "Summertime". There are two versions one long one, and a shortie for the '45. I'd never seen any footage of Stewart who wasn't call "The Original Fat Boy" for nuthin'. Then last night on youtube I found this..... THING.

    Billy Stewart lipsynching the long version of "Summertime" while wearing jodpurs and a 20 gallon Horse Cartwright western hat. Are you chittin' me? I kept expecting Rod Serling to jump out from behind a hay bale and start "submitted for your approval a story of a Black Soul Singer who on his way to a concert in Harlem made a slight detour....."

    You can't make this chit up!!!!


    Hell I need a drink!!!!!

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    First I must say that I like Porgy and Bess and I am a fan of the Gershwin's. All the versions of artists performing Summertime I like including Janis Joplin but I do not think I need to add his to my collection. Maybe it will grow on me.
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    He's no 'Sportin' Life', but what a great voice.
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    oh no. I can't veiw it, but I see the pic

    what the f... is right

    some of those old variety shows had some wierdass ideas
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