One of my favorite albums from the Brit-punk invasion of the '70s. The marriage of that wailing sax, those muscular riffs and Poly Styrene's perfect voice, was made in heaven A pretty unique and engaging sound considering what was happening musically at the time. And for me it was the right sound at the right time. Even Poly's view of Brit society as a sterile consumption-driven exhistence, obvious even in song titles like; The Day the World Turned Day-Glo, Genetic Engineering, Art-I-Ficial and the title track was atypical of the kind of stuff that most British punks were spewing forth at the time.

Sadly - Germ Free Adolescents is the only studio album X-Ray Spex ever released, as far as I know, and though I wouldn't call it underappreciated, because it does get a fair bit of critical acclaim, I'm sure there are plenty of folks out there who would enjoy this album who haven't had the chance to hear it - that is if you don't mind your rock & roll with a little bit of noise and a dollop of attitude.

Unfortunately for me my only copy is on vinyl, so when I go home to give it a listen I won't have maybe their best song - Oh Bondage, Up Yours, it's time for me to digitize this album toot dee sweet. (appropriate given the album's anti-artificial message!)