I was not planning to go to this one but it turns out my wife works with Stanley Clarke's niece who offered to get us tickets up front with the families. How could we say no. We were planning to go see Stanley Jordan for free at the Riverfront Stage in Camden, NJ that same night, August 19th, but who can refuse tickets to this show!

Other tour dates below.

Cleveland Heights, Ohio with SMV Aug 15, 2008
Vienna, VA (DC) with SMV Aug 16, 2008
Charlottesville, VA with SMV Aug 17, 2008
Glenside, PA (Philadelphia) with SMV Aug 19, 2008
Toronto, Canada with SMV Aug 20, 2008
Huntington, NY with SMV Aug 22, 2008
New York, NY with SMV Aug 23, 2008
San Francisco, CA with SMV Aug 26, 2008
Hollywood, CA with SMV Aug 27, 2008
Las Vegas, NV with SMV