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    Hey, the Moonbabies finally get a big US review!

    No secret around here that I really like the second album from Swedish popsters, the Moonbabies. It's titled The Orange Billboard and I pretty much fell in love with it from the first listen. Used the "Sun A.M." single from it on my last comp. Made some comments about it in a few posts around here that I later coalesced into a little mini-review at my site. But it seemed like it was just gonna be passed over by the national press here in the US since it's been out almost 6 months now without much in the way of buzz or chatter at the major review sites, at least that I've seen, except for a couple very nice reviews at less well-known sites like Delusions of Adequacy and Splendid. Until today, that is......

    I was just checking some of my favorite music sites and lo and behold it is one of today's reviews at PopMatters. Not the lead-off big picture review (in this case they went with the buzz-worthy new one from !!!), but a very nice review nonetheless and some good publicity for these underappreciated artists. Borderline shill, I know, but it is a fun album with stellar production work

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    Good for them, they deserve it. While our opinions about their two CD's are probably flip-flopped we are both wise enough to realize that this is a band that deserves a little press. I was reading a review not too long ago and they mentioned, almost in passing that June And Novas sold very few copies. They used a figure, and I wish I could recall what it was! It wasn't more than a couple of thousand at most and I've got a nagging thought that it was actually much lower than that.

    Wonder how many CDs The Darkness has sold?

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    Totally agree they deserve more attention

    Orange Billboard has turned out to be one of my recent favourites over the last few months - cheers Jim.

    And some nice reviews you got there on your website Dave. I really need to pick up that latest Twlight Singers album and you certainly piqued my interest with that Steve Wynn - Here Comes the Miracles. I don't think I've got anything by him on any of your comps so I'm off to see if I can find some samples...

    By the way did I spot somewhere earlier you were on the move again? I sent something to you a couple of days ago hopefully it will get there before you leave.


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