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    Hey Mike

    Just wanted to give a quick shout-out to ya for your excellent Strange Days/So This Is Goodbye year-end comp. I've been spinning it a lot lately now that the newness of many of my recent album purchases has started to wear off. I had half a dozen new albums when this package arrived in my mailbox so it took me a while to get to this and now I see that was a mistake on my part. Nice song selection, natural flow, and I'm really diggin' the crossfades. Lots I have but also lots I haven't heard before. I've mostly been spinning it in the car so I'm not too familiar with what exactly the new-to-me stuff is but I do know it'll lead to several new purchases for me. Nice job and thanks again!
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    Hi Slosh,

    No problem I sent about half a dozen copies out to people from some addresses I had, from the responses they all got there ok. As always with comps it's my personal choice for tracks so if you come across something you haven't heard before and you like it's a bonus.


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