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Thread: Hey crew...

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    That's quite some haul but I have a suggestion...

    Quote Originally Posted by bobsticks
    Anyway, from a specific recommendation perspective the trip was an abject failure: out of Nels, no Meaghan, lots of Okkervil but not the one mentioned, etc...but "stylistically" I feel that it was a success none the less.
    ...and before I'm accused of 'Spam', I have no connection to, nor do I own stock in, this company, but when I can't find something at the record store, I go to No tax, free delivery (if you choose), and one helluva selection. They don't have everything, so I check Amazon if I'm really desperate, although the former usually has lower prices. The free delivery can be dreadfully slow, but my last few were in hand in less than a week, so perhaps they're getting better?
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    Np spamming, Spammer!!

    Yeah that is actually a perdy good idea there oldster. Gracias. My peeps at the place have more Nels on the way so I'll have an excuse to go back next week but for the others that seems to be the way to go.

    Have you heard the Escovedo Live album? I haven't had a chance to spin it yet...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Feanor
    Well, that's what you get for using Firefox.

    Thanks for the heads up, aA. I have revised my signature for the "Core" items to link to a PDF version which hopefully will work better. I'll get around to the Chamber Works item shortly.
    Thanks, as of late I find I am becoming more attracted to classic as my system becomes better and I can hear and feel and experience the dynamics to the music. In fact, the more I listen, the more I think what gets me engaged most in a system is the dynamics. Both big shifts and micro dynamics, like when that one string is popped a little lowered and you can hear it in a good system.

    anyways, listen to Heifetz Concertos Tchaikovsky & Mendelssohn from RCA RedSeal - it is really awesome! especially when cranked up!

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    A couple of suggestions for you Dances with Sticks...

    Christian Scott - Anthem

    Controller.Controller - History

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