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    Here is another great band for my Fusion Friends - The Aristocrats

    Finch, you should like this one

    Going thru some CES vids put up by the owner of Audio Shark...

    I only just got started working thru the vids and the 2nd one was for Magico. As I clicked around on the landing page for other Magico vids, I finally ended up on a Hegel 300 - B&W combo vid of a band called The Aristocrats.

    The song in the clip was Flatlands, a beautiful musical piece. Guthrie Govan, Bryan Beller, and Marco Minnemann make up this killer fusion like band. Guthrie also plays a Frettless Guitar at times which is pretty cool.

    Maybe some others here will also appreciate this band and music


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    This doesn't really appeal to me, sorry. Part of it is that I'm not an MM fan. Didn't like his style with Wilson, and didn't much like some stuff I heard him on with Levin and Rudess. 'Course, I'm listening on my phone speaker, so all I can hear is guitar/drums. Sounds like a garage jam session.

    I'll listen to it again later, but with Marco, I'm biased already.

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