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    Here again for the first time....

    Hola mi amigos de musica.

    Just thought i'd drop by and see what was cooking the RR forum. Been a couple months i think since i last posted here, and a couple of weeks since i last checked in. Sadly, there isn't a lot of new stuff from my end to report aside from the fact that i finally got a freaking job after being unceremoniously sacked from last one two days after my son was born. Got the offer yesterday and i either start on the 6th or the 12th, depending on when my in-laws can begin child care for us. The bad news for you guys is that since i will now have more discretionary money to spend i will be spending more time here again as i try to figure out what the good new music is that i should be looking out for. I haven't bought any new music in over three months and haven't been into a music store or read any music reviews since i got fired either. Didn't want to have any unnecessary urges to go spend money that we didn't have, which is also a huge reason why i haven't been on this site in so long.

    Everything else is good too. Son is healthy and has been a joy to be around. I'm kinda bummed that i'll have to go back to work and not be able to spend as much time with him, but it'll be good to be back in the work force.

    Anyway, nice to see the same familiar names around here and also to see the return of one (allears).

    Hope all is well with you folks!!!


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    Well that sounds freaking awesome. Things seem fairly tight around here in KC in regard to the labor market so I'm glad that you were able to surface again so quickly. Great to hear from you.

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    Don't bother.

    Quote Originally Posted by tugmcmartin
    Hola mi amigos de musica.

    I haven't bought any new music in over three months and haven't been into a music store or read any music reviews since i got fired either.

    Don't bother looking for new music, that is. I went to 2 music stores in Sac yesterday with a big ol' long list of new things I wanted to get, and only found 1 thing. Jeezus. They wonder why we go online to buy stuff.

    Anyway- enough about me. Good to see your back (heh heh) and got a healthy kid.

    I still have some things I was going to send you, so if you still want 'em, pm me.


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