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    Help! I haven't listened to music for weeks!

    Just thought I would drop in and say "HI"

    Full time school is a bit overwhelming for this old man, but I'm having a blast. This is a great space to be in after 25 years in manufacturing.

    Only had a chance to spin a few disks in the last few months actually. Mostly old stand by disks along with my Fav from last year--Los Lonely Boys. Man, I love that disk. They are a tight band with some pretty songs that JAM!

    Wife just brought home a remastered Michael Jackson - Greatest Hits. I'll admit it, I do like a few of his songs like Thriller and Beat It.

    Party on peoples and enjoy some music for me.


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    HI, Welcome back, personally, I've gone over 25 years without buying a Michael Jackson album...

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