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    Help from the Canadians??? Whats the scoop on Sam Roberts???

    We got rid of our satellite TV subscription a few weeks ago to help save some dough while i'm unemployed. Sucks going from 150 channels to about 13. We get about 3 spanish stations, 3 religious stations, and the big 3 (ABC, CBS, NBC), Fox, UPN and WB. AND... somehow... we are getting MTV2. Since we're so limited in our options we've been watching a lot of PBS programming and i've been scoping out MTV2 when i'm really bored. I saw a video on there a couple nights ago of a song by a Canadian, Sam Roberts, called something like "Where All the Cool People Go"... or something close to that. Really catchy tune and one that makes me wanna go check out some of this guys work. Is this his first album? Is this song representative of all of his work? Where can i find his stuff? Free and legal downloads anywhere? Any of you canadians (or any other folks knowledgable about this guy) know anything about him?


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    Where Have All The Good People Gone?

    Although, I like "Where All the Cool People Go". That place would be here, no?

    Sam Roberts is pretty big here up here in Canada. He released an EP a couple of years ago which had on it his first single, Brother Down. In 2003 he released his first full length disk, We Were Born In A Flame. Which is an excellent disk.

    Sam was nominated for three Juno Awards this year (the Canadian equivalent of The Grammy's, and just as annoying) and won all three. Rock Recording of the Year; Artist of the Year; and Album of the Year (he beat out the big names, Sarah McLaughlin, Nickelback, Nelly Furtado and Silly Dionne); .

    If you like Where Have All the Good People Gone? then I think that you'll like the rest of the disk.

    I put a couple of Roberts tracks on my Canadian Toonies comp (Brother Down and Hard Road). If you send me your addy, I'll send you a copy. You can PM me or email me at pvassil AT sympatico DOT ca.

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