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    Hey! Over here!

    Heartless Bastards

    anybody here into these guys?

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    I've dated a few.

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    down there
    The irony of that, on this night, is more than you could imagine.
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    Haven't heard any of their recorded stuff, but saw them open for Lucinda last year- after about 1/2 hour, I was ready to go out to the lobby and drink just to get away from them, but the set ended, thankfully. Worst live band I've seen in many, many years.
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    So I'm assuming this isn't the same band as James McMurtry & The Heartless Bastards 'cause they were great live. In fact, because of this post I'm gonna spin this right now:
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    Originally Posted by Troy: She has that same kind of cleft-pallet, slightly retarded way of singing that so many other people find endearing.

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    I just heard the title track 'The Mountain' and I like it a lot.

    They sound like several others I can think of, but that matters not to me. I just listened to four of their tunes on their MySpace page and I'm gonna buy this record.

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