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    HDCD encoded Music - Cat Power, Modest Mouse, etc

    Recently I upgraded my CD player to a Rotel RCD-02 which reads recognizes HDCD encoded music. In going through my collection I noticed that a few of my CD's were HDCD "equipped" which added a new dimension to listening to some of my favorite recordings.

    The following CD's sound great on any system, but especially if you're running a player that takes advantage of the HDCD encoding:

    Cat Power - Moon Pix (AMAZING vocals of Chan Marshall are now even more will give you goosebumps)

    Modest Mouse - The Lonesome Crowded West (more clarity but a little harsh IMHO)

    Beck - Sea Change (his dreamy downbeat record even more lush with HDCD)

    764-HERO - Weekends of Sound (not a huge diff to my ear over 'regular' CD)

    That's the only HDCD's in my collection....anybody else care to add to the list ?????

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    I only have HDCD via Windows Media Player, and I'm using a digital output from my soundcard so I don't get the decoding unless I connect 'phones directly to the card but . . .

    Lucinda Williams - Car Wheels On A Gravel Road
    Andrew Bird's Bowl Of Fire - The Swimming Hour
    Wayne Robbins & The Hellsayers - The Lonesome Sea

    to name but a few

    . . . all sound pretty good even without the decoding.

    Actually I'm a little surprised just how many indie CDs are HDCD and that most don't even make mention of it anywhere on the packaging or booklet.
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    Thread on Head-Fi -- probably the single most comprehensive list I know of (it's even mentioned on the wiki, and definitely contains more information than's own list).
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    Yea, both the Cat Power and MM are favorites of mine too. That Wayne Robbins & the Hellsayers that Sloshy mentions is very excellent. I became almost like of a shill for it last year because I thought it was so good, but it is so good. Kind of like Built To Spill with a bit of twang and a little more Crazy Horse. Nice and dynamic recording and mastering, unlike almost all modern releases.

    Couple other low flying HDCD releases are the last couple from one of my favorite bands, Willard Grant Conspiracy. Both "Regard the End" and "Let It Roll" are great, with the much bigger nod to "Regard the End", which is actually labelled HDCD. Can't remember if their earlier ones are HDCD, but both of those sound really nice. Don't think the latest "Let It Roll" has been released in the US yet, but the others have.

    Another big favorite is "Still" by Sue Garner and Rick Brown from 2000. Very diverse and eclectic mix of trip hop, indie pop/rock, avant-folk, Tortoise-like loopy electro-organica, and maybe even a couple nods to the Fall. Maybe too far reaching at times for their own good, and maybe I like it more than it really deserves, but it's got a charm that really has grown with me over the years. Recorded with some of their friends including Chris Stamey of the DB's, Douglas McCombs of Tortoise, Tara Key and Doug Weiselman in the couple's home studio. Sometimes reminiscent of Yo La Tengo, but then they mix it up and who knows? They even do a pretty cool minimalist cover of John Lennon's "It's So Hard" that's nearly a cappella, with only a plucked bass as accompaniment. Pretty nice and uncompressed sound along with the HDCD encoding.

    And if you can dig the thought of surf rock meets post-rock in a guitar drawn, synth enhanced, middle eastern desert, albeit one that might not be on our planet, then "Crashes to Light, Minutes to Its Fall" by Cul de Sac from 1999 might be for you. Brilliant music and one of my favorites of the last few years. Kind of like a merging of the souls of John Fahey and Brian Eno, but these guys will take you on a real magic carpet ride. All instrumental and a very nice recording, with lots of headphone delights too.

    Lots more, but those are just a few I like that come to mind.

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    Here are the only HDCD's that I own...some of them are NOT on many lists out there though...

    Better Than Ezra CLOSER and FRICTION BABY
    Jewel SPIRIT
    King Crimson DISCIPLINE
    Meet Joe Black SOUNDTRACK
    John Mellencamp BEST THAT I COULD DO
    Phantom Planet THE GUEST
    Plankeye RELOCATION
    Kenny Wayne Shepherd LIVE ON and TROUBLE IS..
    Sigur Ros ()
    Starship Troopers SOUNDTRACK
    Ronin SOUNDTRACk
    Third Eye Blind BLUE (only the song SLOW MOTION)
    Neil Young GREATEST HITS
    Depeche Mode FOR THE MASSES

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    I only have 2 that I know of.....

    TOOL - Lateralus
    Neil Young - Silver and Gold

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    Dave Alvin

    Dave Alvin is a favorite performer, and his discs 'Blackjack David' and 'West of the West' are both HDCD.

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    Here's what I have in HDCD:

    Beck-Mutations, Sea Change
    The Doors- Legacy
    The Flaming Lips-The Soft Bulletin
    King Crimson- In the Court of the Crimson King
    Roxy Music- Avalon
    Willie Nelson- Stars & Guitars
    Neil Young- Greatest Hits
    Yes- House of Yes (2 Discs)
    Van Halen- Van Halen
    Joni Mitchell- Hits
    The Dave Brubeck Quartet-Time Out
    Stephen Stills- Manassis
    Stephen Stills- Stephen Stills
    Duke Ellington- Blues in Orbit (incredible sound for the time period- highly recommended)
    Grateful Dead-Infrared Roses
    Emmy Lou Harris- Wrecking Ball
    The HorseWhisperer (Score-Thomas Newman)
    The Wild West (Music fromThe Essential Western Film Music Collection)
    ZZ Top- Rancho Texicano
    The Kingston Trio- Platinum Collection
    Pink Floyd- The Wall (Part of the David Gilmour on an Island Disc Japanese set)

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