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    Guest Prog DJ

    It was fun to be a guest once again on CKLN 88.1 in Toronto, spinning some tunes from the best prog albums of 2009. Here is the playlist from last Sunday.

    CKLN is a affiliated with Ryerson University in Toronto.

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    Nice list! That's a great PT tune. The best on their last disk IMO.

    I missed it again. You've got to remind me a couple of days in advance.
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    You like that last Phideaux album? I prefer Doomsday Afternoon myself. He's actually a nice guy (yeah, real last name) posts a lot over at PE. He's a bonafied contributor and not just showing every now and then to pimp a new project like Billy Sherwood and Steve Babb (Glass Hammer).

    How do you like debut from Astra (The Wierding)?
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