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    A great old time classic revisited

    I had the fortune of getting a copy of Queen's "A Day at the Races" the other day.

    I never had the album but of course knew the radio songs.

    I listened to it this morning, what a killer album!

    Ya, it is foo foo as all hell and Freddie sounds as flitty as ever, but man this disc is solid.

    It's so darn simple yet sounds big and pompous at times.

    The guitar work is superb, and the mix is just right.

    It is a simple recording and isn't over-produced in the least.

    Real cool.

    You guys and gals dig this one?


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    Yeah, besides A Night at the Opera, that's probably my other favourite Queen album. "White Man" in particular, is a great song.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave_G
    You guys and gals dig this one?
    I dig it.

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