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    Good recordings in 24/96 PCM audio

    As explained in this thread, I'm looking for good recordings in 24 bit/ 96 khz format on DVD that can be played in an ordinary DVD player and outputted digitally.

    Woochifer recommended this source:

    (select Classic D.A.D. 24/96 or Classic HDAD 24/96 from the menu.)

    Any other recordings that people know of?

    PS - Reviews of the recordings at the above link are also appreciated.
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    I have a couple of "DAD"s from Classic Records, Chesky, and a German company called simply Arts (which makes it really hard to search for). I believe the Queen A Night at the Opera DVD-A has the 24/96 track on the DVD-V layer. The Arts ones are fantastic, every one of them. I used to go out of my way to get these because of the ability to listen to it through an external DAC, but if you thought DVD-A and SACD were nitch markets, wait'll you try to track down some of these!

    Also, Windham Hill had some disks in 24/48 which were pretty good, but I had to be in the right mood to listen to the material.

    I, Robot on Classic Records is wonderful, but you have to get it on DVD-A now (might be able to find it used, but good luck). It's a reference disk of mine. I think the mastering process is even superior to Alan Parsons' own, because not only did it sound like I could hear "deeper" into the recording, the frequency spectrum sounded more correct (deep bass had returned). I would definitely trust anything on Classic Recs, as they pride themselves in their minimal transfer process.
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