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    Good Mono Vs download.

    I recently acquired some Westminster CD re-issued mono classical recordings from the 50's, I would guess. The quality of the mono is outstanding. I compared it to some downloaded music I was receltly given from a friend. I realize that folks invest in DACS and such to improve the quality of compressed music, but as-is, I prefer the well done Mono. Strange to listen to at first, but none of the musicality is missing. My first hi-fidelity listening experience was mono. A nice big Stromberg Carlson console radio my dad had. The music is more important than the equipment.

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    With my new system, I've developed an appreciation for mono recordings. It's jazz for me: Ben Webster's Soulville, Monk and Coltrane, Freddy Hubbard.
    Mono used to be a deal breaker, but now I totally dig it. In some weird way, its simplicity is sometimes a relief. And its every bit as musical.

    I can't speak about downloaded music. I haven't gone there. ("just say no" to lossy formats!)
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