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    ghostface - back like that

    i heard this track at my internship with universal and thought it was one of the hottest new tracks in hip-hop. not to mention the fact that ne-yo is on it, and he has one of the hottest songs on his own. just curious to see what other people thought about the track. the video is on his website ( if anyone is interested in checkin' the song out. the album came out last month. did anyone pick it up?

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    Remember the old days when street teamers actually took the time to introduce themselves, and maybe even make up some semi-plausible story pretending to be a loyal fan and all? Nowadays it's just wham bam and on to the next board. Guess it doesn't pay very well, eh?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Davey
    Remember the old days when we used to make street teamers crawl into a hole and die?
    And the world will turn to flowing pink vapor stew.

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    3,636's like one of the hottest new tracks in hip-hop!

    At least (s)he was honest (internship at universal).
    Eschew fascism.
    Truth Will Out.
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    you guys are crackheads.
    I remain,
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