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    Genesis makes RRHOF

    Well, whaddiya know...

    I'll actually have a reason to watch it this year. I won't hold my breath though - its prolly the pop incarnation of the band that will get the biggest representation at the ceremony. But still, its a foot in the door...maybe. Genesis does seem like a safe choice, so now the HOF can say 'one and done' with regards to other prog acts. Time will tell.
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    If they can get PG and Steve to join the festivities, they would pretty much have to give some acknowledgment to the art/prog/whatever incarnation of the band, methinks.

    And that might open the door to other prog acts in the future. Like Yes, Crim and Tull for instance.
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    I am a big Genesis fan, paticularly the early stuff. IMO there last good album was Genesis released in 1983. They catch a lot of flack because of the pop work of Phil Collins who seemed to be required to sing/perform on almost every LP released during the 80's.

    A well deserved honor IMO. Tony Banks is a very overlooked keyboard player and songwriter. Not as flashy as his contemporaries but the layered sound he produced on a lot of songs was just amazing.
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